Children drinking clean water from chujio filterChujio Ceramics 

Chujio is a household water treatment and safe storage (HWTS) solution, effective in removing bacterial contamination in water and reducing the risk of diarrhea and other waterborne diseases. It is an alternative to boiling or chlorinating water.

Chujio, a Ceramic Water Filter (CWF) is made of ceramic material treated with a bacteriostatic agent. It uses Filtron Technology to filter and inactivate harmful bacteria and parasites that cause diarrhoea, cholera, and other waterborne diseases. Chujio also filters dirt, smell, colour, and turbidity from contaminated water.

Ceramic Water Filters are a simple yet effective and very affordable type of water filter. The technology relies on the size of the pore in ceramic material to sieve out and filter dirt and disease causing organisms from the water.
To further aid the filtration process, the ceramic is treated with silver to stop growth of algae and mold and to debilitate bacteria.

Chujio provides your family safe drinking water. 


Approved by KEBS


                                                                            One filter six livesKenya Bureau of Standards