Our Profile 

Chujio Ceramics is a small family owned enterprise in Kenya that produces energy saving charcoal stoves, terracotta flower pots and vases and ceramic water filters largely using appropriate technology and sustainable resources.

Started by Mr. and Mrs. Wambugu, now retired teachers, chujio had a production capacity of forty stoves a day using a manual manufacturing process. The factory now produces over a thousand stove liners and two hundred flower vases every day using a mechanised process.

The energy saving stove is a success story in Kenya and now widely used as the preferred cooking stove as it is a fuel efficient alternative to the metal stoves.

We have recycled old gear boxes to make potters wheels, reconditioned old mixers to mix our clay and fabricated new low tech machines. These have made our factory increase production and improve efficiency. Our front yard is a hive of activity. Our staff has increased from two to twenty four.

Chujio water filter production begun in June 2007 under the support and guidance from COMART foundation, the late Ron Rivera of Potters for Peace, Kaira Wagoner and Reynaldo Diaz of Claysure USA.


A country free of preventable water borne diseases


Provide access to safe drinking water through production of affordable low tech ceramic filters using appropriate technology that is sustained by the use of local resources.