Child fetching dirty waterWater! The Big Issue 

There is a need for a proper long term solution to household water treatment and storage solutions.


In Kenya 54% and 46% of rural and urban communities respectively, do not have access to safe drinking water (UNDP).

Recent statistics reveal that at least 473 children under five years of age die in Kenya every day due to preventable causes. 

17% of these deaths are due to diarrhoea which is caused by the ingestion of certain bacteria, viruses, or parasites, which are spread through water, food, utensils, hands and flies. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), diarrhea claims 5000 lives everyday throughout the world. Developing countries being most affected.

Cholera remains endemic in some parts of the Kenya despite government efforts to curb the disease.

A recent drought has led to water rationing throughout the country. This has resulted in a mushrooming of water vending businesses. There is concern about the quality of this water since the sources of water are unknown to the consumer. In addition, the cleanliness of containers used to ferry and handle the water to the vending point is unknown. 

Chujio is a long-term, simple, affordable and effective household water treatment and storage solution.

Analysis by the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation and other recognized bodies have proven that Chujio is effective in eliminating at least 99% of E. coli, Coliform and Streptococcus bacteria. 

Chujio! Your solution for safe drinking water!