How long does the filter last? 

This depends on the turbidity of the source of water and the required frequency of cleaning. If monthly cleaning is enough the filter can last up to 3 years. It is cleaned with a simple brush and rinsed.

Has Filter been used elsewhere/ does it have a proven track record 

Yes! There are over 1 million users of this technology, and this number is growing quickly. Epidemiological studies show that Filtron technology improves health by reducing gastrointestinal diseases by up to 50%.

Where is the Filter being used?

Presently being produced in Kenya by Chujio Ceramics, and other ceramic factories in Ghana, Uganda, Somali-land, Yemen, Sudan, Iraq, Nigeria, Cambodia, Nepal, Thailand, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Cuba and the Dominican Republic

Who has done research on Filter?

Research has been carried out by Cambridge University, Oxford Bristol, London School of Medicine, USAID, Red cross, MIT, Harvard, Yale, Tulane Chapel Hill, University of Colorado, University of Seattle, UNICEF-WSP/World Bank, University of Virginia and many others.

The Filter is currently supported and used by many organizations
The Kenya Red Cross, German Red Cross, UNICEF, Somali Red Crescent, Plan International, Save the Children, Global Concern, Action Against Hunger, Help The Least of These, The Least of These, SASOL, Concern International, UNDP, World bank, GTZ, Oxfam, Intermon Peace Corps, Doctors without borders, IDE-International Development Enterprise, Cuban Water resources institute, CARE, CRS, USAID, Enterprise Works Partners for Development, CIDA, Canada and Australian Aid