The Energy Saving Stove

We have been manufacturing the ceramic liners used in the assembly of the Kenya Ceramic Jiko (KCJ) since its introduction to Kenya from Thailand.

The Kenya Ceramic Jiko (KCJ) is a portable stove used in over 50% of urban homes that is efficient and saves energy.  The stove consisting of an hour-glass shaped metal cladding with a ceramic liner that is perforated to permit the ash to fall at the base.  A thin layer of cement is placed between the cladding and the liner.

When used and maintained properly, the jiko can reduce fuel use by 30 - 50%.  The KCJ also reduces emissions of products of incomplete combustion which contribute to acute respiratory infection.
Energy Saving Jiko
The stove uses up to 50% less fuel and is ideal for low-income families as it reduces the cost of fuel while decreasing cooking time.  Because of its shape, the jiko heat is directed right under the cooking pot.

The ceramic jiko lasts approximately 30 months with intensive use, longer than the traditional jiko. The outside casing is made of metal and produced by local craftsmen.